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Old Comments:

2010-06-03 03:52:40
Thanks COY - Yup, I'll soon be getting my Old Age Pension cheque from the government. It goes to Direct Deposit to my bank account; otherwise, I would not cash it...just frame it ;-)
2010-06-02 09:18:26
My B-Day is 26 Feb. connie. That is kinda how that dog is looking. Like it was the cat. Animals can be so funny. You can see that I love animals. I have posted several.
2010-06-02 07:59:39
When is your b´day Connie? Coy: my shitzu used to do the same as a puppy and then make that innocent face like saying 'it was the cat' :P
2010-06-02 07:36:23
Oh!! I almost forgot. Happy Birthday- Month connie. Big 65 years of age. Still very young and you look very heathy. Enjoy...
2010-06-02 07:31:20
You have got that right connie.
2010-06-02 05:41:05
A troublemaker on four legs ;-)