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Old Comments:

2010-07-14 02:26:37
All those accusations makes me to avoid reading comments.. :( I almost miss this! Lot of things is boiling under the surface. I just can't track what's happening.. BDW: Great idea to make our ban list of photographers.
2010-07-14 02:14:31
So many others that used to post frequently are missing: Baloch, Zafar, Animal Kingdom, even Observer started posting less...
2010-07-13 22:02:25
Damn, I just noticed that ROBOT is gone..
2010-07-13 21:40:02
Sorry, that was meant to be hit, not hot....:(
2010-07-13 21:39:03
You hot the nail right on the head, Jujuba. Well said !!
2010-07-13 21:33:31
I am not gullible, Connie. I have been here long enough to have formed a very clear picture of the character of the various individuals who write the most comments. The troublemakers stand out even to the least observant readers, and for someone who professes to have integrity, your conduct leaves a lot to be desired. I am not going to be drawn into a debate on the matter - you are welcome to your views and I am entitled to mine. Let's just post pictures and be happy.
2010-07-11 05:15:16
I agree partly with you on that Connie...I guess only people who attend and have a portfolio in other photography sites can notice that. I won´t say Pixdaus is only about voting for the poster (there´s a lot of that though yeah) - but it´s definitely about voting only, and real photographers, who post their own photos here, don´t stand a chance. My own photos do pretty good, and I thank and appreciate for the recognition - but I really sympathize with those who try to upload their own and get downvoted to oblivion in seconds, cause it´s not a photoshopped-edited-recolored-modiefied-artificial-fake image! I advise to those: do NOT upload here, go to sites like Flickr and Deviant, members there know how to inspire and motivate :-)
2010-07-11 05:07:43
Patitio: You say "This place isn't about us - it's ALL about the PHOTOS"??? It's not about photos whatsoever. Pixdaus does not resemble, by any stretch of the imagination, any other site. The voting system and persons obsessed with their votes make sure of that. People vote for the poster, NOT THE PHOTO.
2010-07-11 05:04:52
You say Poppy is not here to defend herself; you're being gullible - she never left. Poppy is the only one on Pixdaus who has for two years consistently lied, cheated and being rude, for no reason, to new posters (including me when I first started). Yet you defend her. I liked the photos you posted under Robot, and I like the ones you are posting under Fauna. Keep it up. Pixdaus is mishandling things. They should advise us as soon as they get a notice for removal. They and the uploaders are never in danger of a lawsuit from photographers. I will be posting a comment re copyright laws in Canada and the USA. The same would pretty well apply to all other countries.
2010-07-11 05:03:46
Hmmm.... * thinking, thinking *
2010-07-11 04:02:18
I don´t know if I totally agree with you Ru...but I do agree that this place was abandoned. When I joined Pixdaus, it was still a lively place, I wouldn´t see so many fights, so much leg pulling, so many fake names! I´m not against using several nicks, but I´m completely against using them to hide behind offenses, that´s so coward!!!! It´s ok to post photos under other names, cause most of the time you want to relate the username somehow with the kind of picture you post. But when it comes to comments, everyone should use their real ones! Plus one more thing - some time back it was told that everyone should put the name of the photographer and the website where the picture was taken from, otherwise 'serious' things could happen to that member. I still see some users not putting any information sometimes whatsover, and nothing is ever done! So what should I spend all the time to write all the details and even ask for permission? I do that for my own conscience only, that´s it. It´s sad to see the path Pixdaus is taking :-(
2010-07-10 21:37:53
Damn well said ! What freakin' pluperfect difference does it make WHO posts a photo or under WHAT name ? NONE !!! This place isn't about's ALL about the PHOTOS !!!
2010-07-10 21:29:20
Hi Brothah Barista, I am Robot. The reason I have stopped posting as Robot is this: Pixdaus informed me that one photographer whose pictures (2 of them) I had posted had threatened them with a law suit if Robot's whole file is not deleted (total of 3248 photos). The photographer had E-mailed Pixdaus with a removal notice after I had posted one of his photos but Pixdaus did not inform me and I posted another picture by the same photographer, which caused him to go ballistic. I wrote to Pixdaus in defence of myself, arguing that since Pixdaus failed to inform me that the said photographer had asked them to remove his photo I was not responsible for posting another photo by him. I was getting a very strong feeling that Pixdaus was trying to make an example of Robot to show other posters what can happen to them if they do not ask photographers' permission for posting their pictures. I maintained that every poster should immediately be informed about removal notices so that we can put such photographers' names on our own ban lists. If a photographer has written a comment under one of my posts asking the picture to be removed, I myself write to Pixdaus and ask them to remove it, and then I make a note of the photographer's name and never post his/her pictures again. Until I hear from Pixdaus about the fate of Robot, obviously I can not post pictures under that nick. Therefore I began posting as Fauna, which is a nick I briefly used in 2008. It is people like you who have kept and are still keeping me away from the comment pages because you cause trouble wherever you go, offering endless theories about who is who and keeping watch 24/7. I have a fairly good idea what your better known nick is but I would never make my suspicions known. I have seen e.g. Poppy (and I am not Poppy) being hounded by Connie and others with the wildest muck again and again when Poppy is not even here to defend herself. Trolls I can understand and even tolerate, but people like you and Connie who are supposed to be the "sane ones" give me the creeps. We should all concentrate on the pictures, which is the purpose of this site, and not stoop to the kindergarten level and start stupid and silly fights in the sandbox.
2010-07-10 05:46:53
Good point Ru
2010-07-09 16:03:24
Environmental Graffiti has one very good reason to keep the website. THEY ARE MAKING MONEY ON IT. They make money by selling advertisements. The amount of money they get for ads depends on the number of "hits" the site gets. As long as we keep coming back and making hits on the site, they are in good shape and have little reason to spend time and money on the site, if they are putting their investments elsewhere. If we would quit making all these hits on the site, their ad revenue would slow down and this would give them a lot more incentive to make improvements.
2010-07-09 11:35:17
But why keep a website which you don´t care about in the first place? I find it very disrespectul, after all we´re the ones making this place! I said before - if we didnt have these stupid voting stuff, only the people who are really interested in photography and interested in learning would stick around, this would be Heaven! In other websites like Deviant and Flickr - I have my own portfolio in the first one, creating it in the latter - things are so different...people interact to discuss about the PHOTOS, ask questions about the place, give good feedback...they don´t waste all their time talking about votes, and top list, and trolls, and fake names (also cause most of these things don´t exist there). Now some will be thinking: 'leave Pixdaus if you´re not happy, stop whinning'. Well, I´m a hopeless hopeful (if you get what I mean), and this is the only site where I can open the page and see a huge variety of different things, different styles...even if one day I stop uploading, I´ll definitely be around to continue bugging everyone with my comments :P
2010-07-09 11:00:46
Actually, Jujuba, I don't think the site admin's even know much about what goes on here ..I think they have other irons in the fire, and Pixdaus is on their back burner, so to speak.... Also, for what it's worth, in the three years or so I've been here almost everyone who has voiced an opinion on the subject has agreed that the voting system is bogus, easily maniplated, and not very useful as an indicator or the actual quality of photos...same with the top list.... I hope you'll hang in here and not give up...there's conflict here, but there's also a lot of beauty here as well, and lots of interesting things to see all brought together on one site....Pixdaus will survive....and don't let the conflict bother you too's all just words in cyberspace... : )
2010-07-09 10:23:07
Of course you're not an old lady - you're an old man who belongs to a 'dirty old mens club ;-) Nothing wrong with that if you're an old man, of course, but ot all of us are ;-)
2010-07-09 09:37:27
You guys do remember that we´re mere uploaders aka 'nothing' right? If someone were to be complaining, that should be the photographers themselves. I don't understand this obssession about each and every tiny thing that happens in this site when 95% of the photos here were not taken by us...if they were ours, then yes there would be a reason to complain about downvoting or be more competitive. This voting system and top list of users has to go down! Sometimes I believe the site´s administration likes all these fights, maybe it brings them publicity who knows - cause they do nothing! And they never what´s the point? The few members who have patience and tolerance enough to stay around will be soon posting on a ghost website, for no one! The way things are going Pixdaus will be dead soon...too little, too late!
2010-07-09 07:07:36
Classy. Real classy.
2010-07-09 03:28:51
Poppy is not gone - Pixdaus is her obsession - her life. She posts comments & photos under another name - I've recognized her style on a few of the comments since she's been 'away'. However, I don't think that SassyPants nor Robot is Poppy. Some folks used to say that jchip8 and Poppy were the same. I don't know about that; but I do know that she responded a couple of times to comments addressed to jchip8' if she was jchip8. Also, she repeatedly accused Artemis and others of cheating, and quick to comment when a photo is a repost; but she never criticized jchip8 - yet he/she is notorious for cheating and re-posting. After I pointed that out to her, she did make the odd comment to jchip8 about re-posts but never cheating. When she's 'away', jchip8 posts more. But, all that still does not say for absolute certainty that Poppy is jchip8. I don't think there is anything wrong with folks posting photos and comments under other long as it's not for the purpose of insulting or demeaning others.
2010-07-09 01:56:43
Name calling? You insinuate that another user lacks courage, integrity, and has no balls. Then you call him a troll. Then you get your panties in a wad when someone fires back at you? How many photos did you post today ? How many did you post the day before ? Zero ! You're a whining, prissy bitch who'd rather piss and moan about what other people post than go to the trouble to find and post some decent photos yourself. Get off your fat ass and contribute something to the site.
2010-07-09 01:30:28
Ahhhh, name calling. The last resort of a logical mind.
2010-07-09 01:12:10
Pseudonym ? And I suppose SassyPants is your real name ? It's how you sign your checks and get your mail ? I got news for you, Pal....everybody here uses a pseudonym, including you, and most of us use several, both posting and commenting. It's a survival mechanism. So've graduated in almost record time from just sounding like a grump and a party pooper to sounding like a pedantic, up-tight, self-rightous asshole.
2010-07-09 00:55:57
And yet another pseudonym? Really? What courage. What integrity. Get back to me when you've got the balls to post as whoever you are. Until then, little troll, I can't take anything you say seriously.
2010-07-09 00:22:49
Hundreds and hundreds of coffee photos ? And all of them insipid ? Sounds as if you are waaaay overstating your case. Whoever you are and whatever your actual personality ( you're probably a perfectly nice person ) , you come off here sounding like an old grump and a party pooper. Plus.... the people posting those "annoying" coffee pics are the very same ones you've just thanked for endlessly searching for interesting and beautiful images. In light of your own rather undistinguished record as a poster here perhaps you really should stand down, let this go, spend more time looking for and posting photos and less time complaining.
2010-07-08 23:54:32
Sorry, Conspiracy Theorists, but the only name I've ever posted under is SassyPants. I'm not Skip, though I will say that his photos add a lot to the board. Ditto Connie's. Ditto Fauna's. Ditto Admin's -- even the naked ladies and the occasional vagina shots. You can turn this into a pissing war if you want. My point was that on a site about great photographs, hundreds and hundreds of insipid photos pertaining to coffee tend to rankle. If they were amusing, fine. They are not. I stand by my original observation -- there are just too damned many of them to be amusing and the constant barrage of them is juvenile and annoying. That said, I want to thank the people who endlessly search for interesting and beautiful images -- I've spent many happy hours on this site thanks to them and one silly troll isn't going to ruin it for me.
2010-07-08 17:18:56
Simply speculation Skip. I will accept your denial and I am sorry for the error. I know that SassyPants is a pseudonym being used by somebody that normally uses another "user" name. But I don't know whom. I used to think that SassyPants and Poppy were one and the same, but don't feel this way anymore since Poppy seems to be nowhere around lately. The reason that I felt that way was because I noticed a similar style in the two and when SassyPants popped up and started posting, it was during a period when Poppy was relatively inactive. By the way, there is a definite connection between Poppy and Robot. Poppy has been gone for around five weeks now and, during that same time period, there has been no sign of Robot. Robot had been uploading 10 photos every day, just like clockwork until the day that Poppy left and since that time there has not been a single upload from Robot.
2010-07-08 16:00:56
Why would you say sassy pants= skip? brother barista? I have posted lots of out of the ordinary photo's many of coffee cups, food etc, I like variety and I don't use fake names to harass people. I agree that it's boring to just have landscapes, but I have noticed that no matter what you post theres always people who don't like it. anyway, your guess was wrong.
2010-07-08 15:47:18
SassyPants = Skip?
2010-07-08 09:05:36
Ooooh. Struck a nerve there, didn't I? Listen, whoever you are -- and that's a bone of contention, too -- why you flood the site under multiple names instead of your regular screen name just smacks of trying to pull a fast one. I tried to be as conciliatory as I know how in my message. In response, you got your panties in a wad. A handful of "amusing" coffee photos is one thing. Hundreds of them under at least three different screen names is something else entirely. Your tone tells me all I need to know about your intent.
2010-07-08 09:05:35
Ooooh. Struck a nerve there, didn't I? Listen, whoever you are -- and that's a bone of contention, too -- why you flood the site under multiple names instead of your regular screen name just smacks of trying to pull a fast one. I tried to be as conciliatory as I know how in my message. In response, you got your panties in a wad. A handful of "amusing" coffee photos is one thing. Hundreds of them under at least three different screen names is something else entirely. Your tone tells me all I need to know about your intent.
2010-07-08 09:05:24
Ooooh. Struck a nerve there, didn't I? Listen, whoever you are -- and that's a bone of contention, too -- why you flood the site under multiple names instead of your regular screen name just smacks of trying to pull a fast one. I tried to be as conciliatory as I know how in my message. In response, you got your panties in a wad. A handful of "amusing" coffee photos is one thing. Hundreds of them under at least three different screen names is something else entirely. Your tone tells me all I need to know about your intent.
2010-07-08 08:54:07
Amen and Hallelujah ! When I discovered this site over 3 years ago it was a tremendously lively, exciting and entertaining place, a free-for-al,l no-holds-barred kind of site where all kinds of wild and funny and provocative stuff was posted, along with a lot of very beautiful photography, including some of the finest nature photography on the internet. Over the past year or so as it has become much more gentrified and nature-oriented, has lost much of the edge that once distinguished it, and lately it sometimes resembles the kind of website an old ladies garden club might sponsor. Nothing wrong with that if you're an old lady, of course, but not all of us are. Some of us, in fact, kinda miss the Old Pixdaus, and so we make efforts from time to time to stimulate things and liven the place up. If that ruffles your feathers or offends your delicate and highly refined sensibilites, well, as they used to say in the Russian navy, Tough Shitsky.
2010-07-08 07:27:07
Well let's see Sassy Pants, you have uploaded a total of 30 photos. However only 4 of those became popular and quite a few were voted into -13 obscurity. Coffee related photos seem to have fared better than this. So, if you are right in claiming "almost nobody seems to enjoy ... coffee related photos", then they enjoy yours even less. As for nature photos. Your earlier uploads were nature related, however your more recent uploads were far from it .... kind of military related. Of course there are quite a large number of non nature related photos on Pixdaus. While I cannot speak for any others that have uploaded coffee related photos, I can assure you that I am not attempting to "sabotage" the site. On the contrary, I am trying to inject a bit of humour in a site that many others are taking far too seriously with all of the downvoting and clamour for ratings.
2010-07-08 05:38:35
Almost everybody likes coffee....and yet almost nobody seems to enjoy these endless coffee related photos. I dunno...maybe I'm just in a grumpy mood, but I log on to see nature pictures. If it's a good humored attempt to amuse, my apologies. But the sheer volume of it feels like an attempt to sabotage the site. Of course, I could be wrong.