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Old Comments:

2009-07-21 14:19:43
IŽd love to live in an alley like this. ThereŽs something about alleys!
2009-07-21 12:27:30
P.S. Great pic!
2009-07-21 12:26:50
I dislike cycle racing, but I once watched the whole of the Tour de France on TV and loved it because it showed me more of France that I had seen in all my trips there. - If you've gotta be a geek, a bicycle geek has class.
2009-07-21 12:21:03
I remember reading somewhere that she was going to France this month. I'm assuming she's there now. I'd love to be over there myself right now for the Tour de France. I'm a bicycle geek. ☺
2009-07-21 12:08:23
Great pic! Connie's going to love you for this one, it's not just france, but also the alleyway pics that she seems to like alot.