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Old Comments:

2009-06-15 06:49:42
I can't repost it because I delete the photos after I post them.
2009-06-15 05:37:05
Nevermind, I guess this is full size, how embarrassing! :)
2009-06-15 05:19:26
Guess I spoke too soon the full size button is gone.
2009-06-15 05:16:59
This is a beautiful pic connie, I think it's worth another try, if not, I guess they can click full size to see it without the gray border.
2009-06-15 05:13:56
I've been to the Loire Valley. I've never heard of the Greek island of Patmos.
2009-06-14 20:05:31
" A nice country of Europe to visit, first because Belgian people are nice, pretty, "open" ... But do begin by Greek Islands - Santorini, Patmos,... - and Loire Valley ! There, the weather is so better !"
2009-06-14 13:00:56
It's unfortunate that the green strip is not the same shade as the grass. I'm sure it would have blended in quite nicely. As for the gray, it's the latest 'in thing' with photographers. No self respecting photographer would post his photos without that grey border. It allows one to write on it...if one is so inclined.