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Old Comments:

2008-01-04 15:36:50
This is awesome! I have not seen this famous optical illusion being used on that large a scale before.
2008-01-04 10:38:41
i think it just has something to do with having the white and black in not lining up directly above one another
2008-01-04 05:22:06
It is a most effective illusion, and I cannot see how it works. Can anyone explain?
2008-01-03 07:26:06
It's in melbourne australia
2008-01-03 06:37:28
It doesn't look like Russia for me, though I don't know where it is
2008-01-03 06:13:23
Is this in Russia?
2008-01-03 04:38:12
That building is messing with my eyes. Where is it?