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Old Comments:

2009-01-26 13:12:48
Forget the picture. I am Molech. Bow down and worship me...You lowly creatures.
2008-06-14 11:27:00
2 words - Birth Control it DOES work... They should try it
2008-05-02 07:47:52
Germany is not controlled by the nazis anymore and why would they get american refunds? Ps. You can never win a war, both sides lose... Ds.
2008-05-02 07:22:27
Goodnight, Mother of six. Goodnight, Father of four.
2008-05-02 05:58:51
Big deal. Nobody would give a damn.
2008-05-02 05:44:39
Ah, well then... those evil Nazi Krauts don't deserve our tax refund checks, then! Who won that war anyway?! Why are they allowed to have so many kids?! Are they planning something again??!
2008-05-02 01:42:11
Err, I meant 200K through age 17... still expensive!
2008-05-02 01:41:31
Nice, except to raise the average child costs over 200K per year, not including college...
2008-05-02 00:59:22
yeah it seems fine there but in most cases poor or stupid ppl have 5+ kids
2008-05-01 23:33:10
she has an unusually good shape for mom of 6
2008-05-01 22:45:09
It's german, although your translation is right.
2008-05-01 22:15:40
they are Dutch or Flemish. read dad's T-shirt closely (if you can speak Dutch): "Father of 6 children"
2008-05-01 22:02:56
A good, wholesome Christian family. Think of the refund check they'll get from President George!!! $$$ !!Ka-ching!! $$$
2008-05-01 21:55:34
You really are an idiot
2008-05-01 20:35:38
yeah it seems fine there but in most cases poor or stupid ppl have 5+ kids
2008-05-01 19:38:14
Lovely looking family though. If you have the resources and will love and care for your family then why not?
2008-05-01 17:51:55
2008-05-01 15:24:45
Ever heard of overcrowding??? Keep it in your trousers!
2008-05-01 14:40:52
If your parents had done that, you wouldn't be here...
2008-05-01 07:38:27
Question the need to breed...