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Posted By:humbug

Old Comments:

2010-06-10 02:44:22
2010-01-12 21:17:49
white moves first in a game of chess... totally lost my suspension of disbelief
2009-12-31 18:22:27
Black doesn't move first in chess.
2009-12-04 03:25:05
@Lynn and @Slarty Bartfast The "watermark" and your "original author" which I removed from the picture was: "Alien vs Predator. Watch it in February on SKY" Hope you feel better now.
2009-08-23 03:14:12
Who the fukk cares, they r funny pics!
2009-08-22 19:34:54
Such an amateur attempt at theft shames both the person posting the images and the host site for allowing such behavior. The original author deserves to be recognized, or the images should be taken down.
2009-08-19 18:37:34
I agree, these pictures are from someone else -- and the poster seems to be trying to take credit, since they went to the trouble to do that. Then again, maybe the poster isn't trying to steal the pictures at all, and is simply sharing them with others... but the logo for the original artist was lousy, so they thoughtfully removed it. Or perhaps the original poster found these pictures on a forger's website, a little of a and a little of b. Maybe the original artist was so confident in public approval that they decided to watermark the originals? And even the first person to post this would be labelled a cheat? Perhaps the confusion they imagine must be happening was worth the immediate self-gratification of being recognized.
2009-08-17 20:43:42
Why did you blur a water mark out of bottom right corner? Who did you steal them from?
2009-08-17 19:11:53
I thought it was from alien loves predator the webcomic!
2009-08-17 18:21:41
I loved these. This page, sir, has earned the right to be linked to from the DadSpam blog: