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Posted By:kev

Old Comments:

2009-07-13 09:30:53
Lapdance? What are you talking about? I did some rocking and rolling on the mechanical bull that they had in the bar, got thrown off a few times and was covered in bruises later, but I don't remember a lapdance. Anyway, don’t believe everything you hear, Connie. ;-) Il Tempo had a photo of us being ’escorted’ out of there but the Carabinieri only held us for a couple of hours because Patito was able to spin them a yarn or two about our ‘secret mission in Rome’. Unwilling to take a risk of an international incident, they hushed the whole matter and there’s no paper trail, even. Phew. I mean, Skip is going to Italy soon, and if she had a record, she might be turned back…
2009-07-12 15:38:01
Looks strangely familiar because it has been posted a few times - last time by me ;-) The way I heard it is that Poppy, Skip and some others I can't remember also got thrown out...way too rowdy, and when Poppy started doing a lap dance, the bouncer said enough is enough. Adios Patito Viejo (is that your last name?) I'm also off soon to Europe.
2009-07-12 09:38:33
...and that is what I just said: Inviting it still is. ;-)
2009-07-12 06:17:36
Yet there are people who have not seen it, like me:)It's good to remind those beautiful places.
2009-07-12 06:11:37
Posted by Lilly in August 2008, that's when we had the party: Lilly, Skip, Patito and Poppy. Farhad posted the same pic in November 2008 and then Connie in February 2009, and now Kev is inviting us to the same place again. And, inviting it still is. - Maybe, after all this time, they would not recognize us and we could get in... how about it?
2009-07-12 05:13:45
yeah just the place for a first date maybe
2009-07-12 00:36:35
nice place, romantic