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Old Comments:

2010-03-21 04:34:02
I don't think I have ever seen an albino that big. Humans about the biggest I think. We had a black squirrel the last several years (not since last fall though). The were pretty common over in Iowa ten or twenty years ago--don't know the current status. Saw one on the Creighton campus every once in a while.
2010-03-19 08:32:56
I like to see these pics of something out of the ordinary, just recently I saw a black squirrel near my mailbox, I'm use to lots of squirrels, but had never seen a black one before, it can be fascinating, but it depends what it is, the first time I saw a tarantula in florida, I wasen't exactly thrilled :)
2010-03-19 08:18:34
I did an 'albino animals' theme about a year ago - very interesting
2010-03-19 05:36:49
This photo was taken from the highway, just north of the Wisconsin near Marenisco,Michigan. An albino moose is extremely rare. Later on that same day another motorist took a snap a photo of two albino Moose together. The odds of seeing that is astronomical. I have that photo and I will post it soon.