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Old Comments:

2008-07-03 04:50:40
2008-06-28 17:06:34
You mean there actually is such a thing as a 'nuc-u-lear' or a 'quaternarian physicist-ist?' Well, I could just eat flour and shit biscuits, I'm so surprised...
2008-06-27 20:38:50
Start using Firefox, it has an automated spell checker that underlines things in the post as you type. How do you think an idiot like me spells right?
2008-06-26 06:19:13
Not in this lifetime. Thanks.
2008-06-26 06:14:48
Wanta read it again ?
2008-06-26 06:13:54
Hey, one wrong outa seventyfive ain't all that bad !
2008-06-26 06:13:48
Hey, one wrong outa seventyfive ain't all that bad !
2008-06-26 05:58:07
he's so worked up he's spelling all wrong! LOL
2008-06-26 05:24:50
reciproicating bouble barreled asshole? ROFLMAO!! Spellcheck.
2008-06-26 05:24:48
that's the nicest thing anyone ever called me. i'm touched.
2008-06-26 05:01:40
Actually, FYI_0, that may not be entirely true. If, for example, someone posted messages on an internet site that caused virtually every one of the many visitors to the site to conclude that that person was an immature, egotistical, self-centered,obnoxious,foul-mouthed, pusilanamous, dipshit, king-sized, brass-bound, reciproicating bouble barreled asshole, then there's probably a pretty good chance that the individual in question might actually be all those things, wouldn't you say ?
2008-06-26 04:04:41
you don't really care do you J.S., you're just showing everyone you know the difference between those kinds of physics. you people (you know who you are) need to realize it doesn't matter what anonymous strangers on the internet think about you.
2008-06-25 15:26:46
Were they nuculear or quaternarian physicistists?
2008-06-24 23:09:54
“The story about Albert Einstein is a story many seem to know / Of how the boy who was dunce of the classroom into a great genius did grow / Since his death back in the mid fifties a legend has grown around his name / The boy who was dunce of the classroom lives on now in the hall of fame.” --- from “The Boy Who Was Dunce” by Francis Duggan