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Old Comments:

2009-06-24 19:01:48
Cool! Thanks!!
2009-06-24 17:22:09
Einzel..... Have a look at this site for plane pics. Bernard Zee takes some nice close-ups of a lot of different planes/jets at many of the air shows here in California/Nevada. The link is of a show at Nellis. My favorite is Fleet Week 2007 on the S.F. Bay
2008-04-15 07:27:42
B 25 Mitchell...famous for the Dolittle raid that bombed Tokyo in 1942...not a lot of damage but great for US morale...
2008-04-15 06:35:58
by the way... its a b-25 mostly used against ships, as far as i know...
2008-04-15 06:34:58
as much as i love airplanes as much do i hate war