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Posted By:lar

Old Comments:

2009-08-10 13:47:19
P.S. Thanks patito for the info.
2009-08-10 13:43:42
I was asking "why is a pilot who flies hi plane while standing on the wing no longer with us?"
2009-08-08 04:40:19
The term 'late' refers to some on who is deceased, usually recently. Mr. Scholl, then 54 years old, was killed in 1985 during the making of the film "Top Gun" when his airplane crashed into the Pacific ....his last words were "I have a real problem"...neither his body nor his airplane were ever recovered, so the cause of the crash remains a mystery...
2009-08-08 04:29:27
And just why is he "the late"?
2009-08-05 11:51:55
That's the late Art Scholl, who really could fly his Super Chipmunk while hanging out of the cockpit.