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Old Comments:

2008-05-04 15:45:05
Taking off, although normally planes land from this side. I lived on the island for nearly two years and saw this many times.
2008-04-14 06:44:36
Niether. He's crashing.
2008-04-13 21:29:01
Take off runway 27.
2008-04-13 21:24:44
is he landing or taking off?
2008-04-13 20:01:03
It's Saint Martin (or Sint Maarten) Island in the Caribbean which is part 'owned' by France.
2008-04-13 18:01:16
2008-04-13 16:10:58
You go to that beach, that's what you get.
2008-04-13 12:22:30
OMG how low can it go!