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Old Comments:

2008-03-23 14:33:03
Just Sayin, if you do find those photos please scan them and post them. If you were on that flight I am sure you would be looking for a Higher Power. It's human nature.
2008-03-23 12:55:16
You didn't (and can't) offend me, ummagumma, I just disagree with you. Be aware that when you type things like, 'lives were SPARED,' and 'more people SHOULD HAVE died,' you are still ascribing those people's survival to some sort of super-heroic and divine intervention. You may believe that God saved the day, but it was less the prayers in the cabin and more the skills of the pilot that saved the passengers on that flight. In fact, the flight attendant that died was killed while helping other passengers to deal with the emergency that took her life. If God was going to do something miraculous, why couldn't he save the woman who was busy saving the lives of others? I know a lot about this accident because the emergency took place when I lived on Maui, Hawai'i, and the plane made it's landing at the Kahului airport there. A couple of days after the plane landed, I was able to get around to the back of the airport on an access road, and I snapped a couple of pictures of the damaged plane. I wish I knew what happened to those pics. Some day I may search through all my crap and find them.
2008-03-23 07:31:35
Of course I didn't mean to offend you. But I had not intention in getting involved in a theological discussion. The truth is all but one lives were spared. More people should have died but that didn't happen.
2008-03-23 03:37:09
Why do you posit that divine intervention had *anything* to do with the outcome of this accident? Doesn't the skill of the pilot that landed this aircraft count for anything? Did the engineers who designed a jet which could fly after sustaining this much damage have nothing to do with the successful return of this jet to Earth? These people survived by the knowledge and skills of those around them, not because 'God' granted them some miraculous outcome to this potentially tragic situation.
2008-03-22 21:40:22
Right today saw Mythbusters about planes and this accident. Strange.
2008-03-22 07:54:00
I remember this incident. Hawaiian Airlines B737 in 1988. Only one casualty. A flight attendant was sucked out. And below the passengers was 26,000 feet to ocean. It was a scary flight. They sang praise and worship songs until the emergency landing. A miracle that only one perished.