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Old Comments:

2008-08-14 00:14:42
Mesapotamia is in modern Iraq asshat, this photo is in Afghanistan, where they live in about 800 AD, which is why i call them primitives, which is what they are, and all the world can see it. now go read an atlas joe, you might learn some geography. moron.
2008-08-11 21:20:40
Afghanistan is not part of Mesopotamia. That word means "between the rivers" and refers to the area between the Tigris and Euphrates. And it could well have been the Russians or those paragons of enlightenment,the Taliban ( the product of four thousand years of civilization ) who destroyed the building.
2008-08-11 21:14:30
Afghanistan is not part of Mesopotamia. That word means "between the rivers," and refers
2008-08-11 13:12:07
Mesopotamia was the birthplace of civilization. You owe your present comfort to the ancestors of these "primitives." What do you suppose your country would look like after 40 years of war brought to you by invaders with thousands of times your weaponry? I guess it was advanced people who bombed the building in the background . . . and allowed the priceless museums of civilization to be looted while protecting the ministry of oil. Learn. Then think. Then talk.
2008-06-13 03:42:49