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Posted By:Unknown

Old Comments:

2011-11-13 17:34:04
Well, at least part of him is washed. Probably the only part. But that makes it easier to find the Tallies. You can smell them downwind from over a mile away.
2011-11-13 17:29:42
That dog is named Kirby and he is a staff sergeant in the US Army . He's being carried over a barbed wire barrier by his handler. His job is to sniff out Taliban fighters who commonly disguise themselves as women. It's not too difficult, since they usually smell strongly of bacon. Photo was taken in Afhganistan in 2009.
2011-11-13 17:08:08
people like you are brainwashed. you accept these propaganda photos without criticism.
2011-11-13 17:01:46
And you are obviously a brain-washed religious fanatic from a society so primitive they couldn't invent a sewing machine.
2011-11-13 16:44:44
and you are obviously patito! same simple structured way of thinking! "ooohh: G.I.s even help poor dogs!! U-S-A, U-S-A!!"
2011-11-13 16:36:41
Bored to Hell is probably a rag-head radical Islamist and Taliban sympathizer who would like to impose Sharia law on the entire world.
2011-11-13 16:33:59
propaganda shit!