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Old Comments:

2008-06-27 08:40:45
I had never heard of the Burning Man before. The idea must derive from the Wickerman which was a large wicker statue of a human allegedly used by the ancient Druids for human sacrifice by burning it in effigy. Kirkcudbrightshire, Scotland, hosts The Wickerman Festival, an annual rock and dance music event. There’s a scary British film called The Wicker Man, which depicts the human sacrifice aspect of the phenomenon; if you want nightmares, see it.
2008-06-27 07:33:46
My description wont do it justice, but it is an arts festival that happens in the middle of the desert. I believe in 2007 there were something like 47,000 people in attendance. It is a temporary city. The man burns this year in 65 days! See you on the playa!
2008-06-26 00:11:32
Too hard to explain..Google 'Burning Man' and you'll learn all about sum it up, it's a Cool Thing in a Hot PLace.
2008-06-26 00:04:17
Can anyone describe what we are seeing happen here?
2008-06-24 02:52:56
that is a seriously cool post, CBG. awe-inspiring.