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Old Comments:

2010-04-27 18:10:26
Matjaz Cater is from Celje, Slovenia, and he takes a majority of his pictures in Slovenia. The above site has two pages of his pics, and the pages are headed by "Tags: landscape, nature, slovenia."
2010-04-27 13:12:30
Sorry, didnīt get you???
2010-04-27 12:52:48
That sounds kinda kinky jujuba
2010-04-27 10:11:29
Awesome, makes me miss the time I spent in Germany
2010-04-27 09:07:47
Thanks jujuba - I won't be posting anymore of Matjaz Cater's photos. This is the 3rd one I posted...I think. I love aerial and underwater photographer. It's more challenging for the photographer, therefore I can appreciate it more if a good job was done.
2010-04-27 06:48:45
Iīm loving your aerials Connie :-)