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Old Comments:

2011-06-23 22:47:40
The votes for the comments are so "clearly" that Connie is definitely right...
2011-06-23 18:44:20
It's us that had to puke reading your nasty comments. You didn't even understanding what 'puker is wrong' wrote. So, until you learn to read, be quiet.
2011-06-23 18:41:02
Most of my uploads were excellent photography - many having worn awards. But, you being one of the cheaters, made sure they were downvoted. I probably have twice the education and experience that you have, so I have a great deal of understanding on a lot of matters. Crawl back under your slimy rock Advice to Connie.
2011-06-23 16:20:27
You are funny! If you are not patito (who you are, but it's just a mind game), why did you never appear when patito wrote his offensive, foul-mouthed comments? Because Pixdaus IS already "x-rated" in schools, etc. thanks to patitos abominable comments (which he usually vote up to the sky)
2011-06-23 15:03:55
With your vocabulary, your poem would be x-rated.
2011-06-23 13:35:09
not the language but the content, you prick!
2011-06-23 12:33:48
It is clear that the poet's mother tongue is not English. Let's say, for the sake of an argument, that his/her own language is Romanian. How good a poem could you write in that language, puker?
2011-06-23 12:17:04
what a silly and trashy "poem"!!!!
2011-06-23 09:22:53
We all have different taste. We post pictures that in our imagination is fine because sometime remember us about something very nice. Not every time you can surprise the entire beauty or message of a situation, scenery, etc... BUT even you don't gain anything by having a big score you try to use fully camera capabilities to surprise That something for sharing with others, especially halfway around the world. FOR that reason when you see how often is pushed the red button you "suffer". I post pictures to be seen by others, not for me, because I was there and I want to share. I don't have time to edit and "touching" but if someone want he/she can download, modify/"touch" and upload back.
2011-06-23 09:05:09
Do us a favour Connie and go back to uploading photos and forget the comments. Many of your uploaded photos are quite good, however your comments are pretty inane. You seem to have a certain amount of understanding for some matters, however no savvy at all for others.
2011-06-23 03:58:49
I agree with you; but I dislike cheaters. There are many people who search for a long time to find a beautiful photo, but the cheaters push their efforts aside by: - downvoting en masse their uploads - upvoting their uploads by self-voting, and by voting for their cyberspace friends even if its not a good photo. The obsession to get to the top is bizarre. As long as the cheater is slowly climbing up the ladder, he/she sees that as their reward. So, yes there is a reward - to them. It's very strange because they actually achieved nothing. The only success they achieve is they get away with cheating - that's their sense of achievement! They probably cheated at school and in other areas of their lives. As to what constitutes a good photo is a personal preference - to a point. The choice of subject, for instance, is subjective, but not the technical elements of a photo (ie composition, focus in the right places, effective use of light, exposure, etc.). A good photo is dependent on a photographer who knows his/her camera and its capabilities and uses it fully and effectively, and one who takes advantage of the environment where the photo will be taken (ie light, background).
2011-06-23 03:42:33
Some are stalking around. Within two minutes, this comment got -8. Did I touch a raw nerve to you cheaters?
2011-06-23 03:31:56
Poppy got an Internet e-mail address and provided it to us, saying she was keeping it for X number of days, after that she would get rid of it. The reason was to gather a bunch of us together to fight the trolls and to try to influence Pixdaus to do something about it. I expressed concern that this could give rise to abuse; I added that I would not join in. Well, as I predicted it did get abused. Within a couple of weeks, we started getting comments like "we will get rid of you or we will...., sometimes directed to their idea of trolls at large or directed to a specific person. Poppy and Patito were the most active at that time, with Poppy implying she had 'connections' to Pixdaus. Both she and Patito often made reference to Pixdaus 'monitors'. You were either not on Pixdaus at the time or you are pretended not to recall that. Re your 2nd paragraph - that really tells me you are one of the cheaters. If the same people CONSISTENTLY get high votes no matter how bad the photo is - that's cheating. Re your 3rd para - that really tells me you are trying to deflect attention elsewhere. The cheaters never leave. Many of them were here three years ago and still are (many just using different names). The only ones who quit posting are the ones who post nice photos but they are CONSISTENTLY voted down. There is a pattern in the voting here, and a kid would clue on to that very quickly. Many have commented here about this. There is a notice that is still circulating (I saw it on Recently commented just the other day). I will make an inane remark in comment so you can read it at Recently commented. It was posted over a year ago, so some were aware of what was going on; remarks were even made three years ago. I don't know who posted it, but it was/is dead on!
2011-06-23 02:34:06
When all else fails just use a bold faced lie, right connie? you try to make it sound as if poppy gave out her address and after that poppy and others started telling people we will get rid of you. the only one trying to get rid of, or harrass people has been you, from complainning about reposts, to whinning about votes, and most recently watching the recent upvoted section so you could pounce on the pictures that were upvoted and accuse the posters of cheating. Quoting you, "when you see the same people being upvoted for pictures that are crap, that's cheating." who are you to tell us which pictures are crap? same with your next remark about lovely photos being downvoted, you cannot be the judge for everyone connie, we all have different taste you have accused many people (without proof) of cheating and lying and reposting until they become fed up and just quit posting alltogether, that's your contribution to this site connie.
2011-06-23 02:33:17
With all due respect, why engage in a pointless war with people you don't even know? Why all the angst (from anyone) about up-voting or down-voting? It just seems to me that this world has far more pressing and important issues to address than whether someone is "cheating" by voting on a silly photograph. I am flummoxed that a handful of people who frequent this site are so emotionally invested in a bogus voting system that means absolutely nothing. I mean, there's not a big financial reward for posting a popular photo, is there?
2011-06-23 02:13:21
I agree with you that it should not matter about the downvotes; after all, we are not the photographers, and therefore should not take it personally. What I care about is the self-voting cheaters and the ones that up-vote or down-vote depending on who the poster is, not the photo. I no longer post photos, simply because I now find it boring, and I might as well leave the space for all the cheaters and unfair voters. But, many make a great effort to find really nice photos to share with all on Pixdaus, only to see their efforts repeatedly shot down by the cheaters. A cheater, seeking revenge, came after me last night. I had been keeping an eye on 'Recently Upvoted', knowing someone might pull a fast one. After all the comments under the riot photo, someone set out to 'prove' that I also up-vote my uploads. Sure enough, within a very short period, over 90 (I quit counting at 90) of my uploads showed up. Yet, since keeping an eye on that section, I noticed perhaps one of my uploads would appear after a couple of days. So, I posted a cartoon alerting everyone to that (since deleted). So, I twarted their plan. This site is now in the hands of the majority who are cheaters. They will continue to compete with each other and continue accusing each other of cheating. They deserve each other.
2011-06-23 01:59:25
gziqsbn or whatever is your name: A group was formed when Poppy gave us her internet e-mail address about a year ago. Many started to communicate with her; I chose not to contact her via that e-mail. From then on, there was constant reference to 'we will get rid of you trolls, 'we will have you (name) kicked out of Pixdaus' etc. That was said to anyone who did not agree with the 'group'. When you see over 100 photos of one uploader appear on Recently Up-voted, all within a few minutes and no matter the quality of the photo - THAT IS CHEATING When you see a very amateurish, badly out-of-focus photo and yet gets over 50 votes in a very short period - THAT IS CHEATING When you see the same people repeatedly get huge votes for crap - THAT IS CHEATING When you see the same people repeatedly get down votes for lovely photos - THAT IS UNFAIR & THE DOWNVOTERS ARE CHEATING. Of course, my friend posted the same kinds of photos I do. I told you all that I left her a folder; there were about 60 photos in it.
2011-06-23 01:03:47
You are the one who trys to fool people connie, you do just what you accuse others of doing, and you have shown your true colours enough times that most people who bother reading this stuff should know what you are really like. you accuse people of being in a "Group" and downvoting those who are not in it...what group! ? it is impossible to have a group or even a nice conversation with other users when people like you are always watching, and looking to start problems using various names to do it. If anyone has pictures that do fairly well on here they are automatically accused of cheating, if their pics do not get votes than you think you know exactly who the downvoters are, and you go after them like a houndog... amazing how you mention phoney names and trolls when you are the queen of phoney names... "I was away for months and my friend used my computer" yeah right, and she happened to have your exact style of writing and posted the same kinds of pictures too.... B. S. !
2011-06-23 00:42:13
I have never understood why someone would give a damn what some stranger halfway around the world thought about the photos they posted. I think the whole voting thing is silly and it absolutely ruins Pixdaus. Instead of looking at what we find to be beautiful and clicking on past what we don't, people's egos get all embroiled as if this were a high school personality contest. Voting encourages trolls whose only goal it is to "best" another online. Sad, very sad. I wish it were a site of photos - no voting, no commenting, no insipid pissing contests. That said, I find enough beauty to make it worth clicking by the nonsense. I hope you do, too.
2011-06-23 00:37:03
From what I can read in your comment, it seems you posted your own photos. This site was originally meant to be just that - people posted their own photos. But, from the beginning the photos uploaded were not by the photographers. We take photos from one site and put them here. Some give credit to the photographers, including the site where his/her work is - other do not. There is nothing wrong with friends voting for someone's photos, as long as it's not voting for the name instead of the photo. You and I, and many others, got their uploads voted down simply because we were not part of 'the group' of which many are cheaters. There were some cheaters when I came on the site three years ago; but, now they are the majority. When some of us dared to point that out using our own username, our uploads got voted down down down. So, phoney names and trolls, eventually appeared; the site was ripe for that. But the cheaters insisted the problem with Pixdaus were the trolls; and they managed to convince others that was the case. They managed to deflect attention from themselves. This site is best left to all the cheaters/self-voters and to the ones who remain silent. Pixdaus Administration can not or will not try to prevent massive self-voting/cheating. So, their site deserves to die - loose its advertisements and eventually disappear.