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Old Comments:

2011-08-06 19:33:36
And for ademiromano, welcome back !
2011-08-06 19:32:14
You give you away with these serie of comments at this point of time and using this pseudonym. I’m almost sure what are your meanings. Not very clever, Dick.
2011-08-06 18:30:20
twice you use the word excrement, same as tag on the Norway flag photo, so you the one who deleted the photo and the comments
2011-08-06 15:09:41
Hey, Ad ( and any other interested parties ) ...please closely examine the name above and note that it's not my name, but another example of the troll excrement that continues to foul the comment section.....the same old slime, drivel and garbage as before you left...but welcome back anyway....: )
2011-08-06 07:35:27
Now that you are back Ademiromano, your work is cut out for you. You can repost all the photos that were posted in your absence!
2011-08-05 20:03:17
You have been missed! Glad you're back!
2011-08-05 19:26:12