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Old Comments:

2010-03-16 23:39:54
I believe you put your finger right on the point. We are all influenced by our heritage to some extent, sometimes quite unconsciously. I vote for what I like and leave the rest so that everybody has the opportunity to enjoy what pleases them.
2010-03-16 12:45:47
Maybe it's because some people might of had bad experiences when they were a kid and not get on with their parents. It could be any reason why they would downvote something as lovely as this...
2010-03-16 12:35:16
amazing photo. You can see the love between them. It's priceless
2008-09-13 01:59:41
Some of he downvoting I will never be able to understand: This is an absolutely beautiful photo of the love, connection and affection between mother and daughter.