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2010-07-02 11:41:49
The winning shot by Libby Powell in a Guardian UK photo contest 1 July 2010: A dawn descent to the watering hole in Aberdare national park, under the watchful gaza of Mount Kenya. Comments of head judge Natalie Mayer: Although this image could have been improved by waiting until the water was more still so that the animals' reflections appeared sharper, I still think the idea is fantastic, and well spotted by the photographer. A fine underexposure has removed the detail from the shadow areas and rendered the sky a beautiful rich red. Seeing the animal reflections, but not the animals themselves, is a lovely twist. I think it's important when shooting landscapes to look for that little bit extra from your scene - to change the image from a representation of what everyone would see if they were faced with this view, to a unique viewpoint visualised only by the photographer. Well done!