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Old Comments:

2010-01-02 12:35:00
What province of Canada does the house reside?
2009-01-03 13:24:34
Billy, Connie and Peachfizzy, my apologies, you are all correct, I just checked it out. Cheers :)
2009-01-03 12:28:04
Oh, I should add it was Sears, Roebuck and Co. They were built from 1908 to 1940. You can find them at
2009-01-03 11:31:59
Nope, he's not. There definitely were houses made from Sears kits. He got you there ;-)
2009-01-03 10:44:54
Sears used to sell houses from kits sold in their catalogs. All the materials where shipped to the site. Alas, That was long ago. But the houses were well built and attractive. I even saw one on being restored to its former glory on one of those home renovation shows. A Sears craftsman or bungalow type. I think it was the This Old House show. Try looking up an old Sears catalog online.
2009-01-03 07:54:01
connie, I think Billy is having me on :)
2009-01-02 09:40:45
I've heard of the Sears houses, but never saw a photo of one.
2009-01-02 08:44:13
Thanks Billy, I'll check it out.
2009-01-02 07:40:18
This is a Sears house circa 1910. Sold as a prefab that you built your self from a kit. See Sears archive for more details.