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Old Comments:

2011-11-10 19:51:49
Unfortunately, not many on Pixdaus appreciate photography about people. If there was a bird or some flowers in the background, this picture would have done much better. Add a mountain reflecting in water and you've got a winner.
2011-11-10 13:13:14
Thank you native for your kind comments and the additional information. I also thought the nine photos that I uploaded yesterday, from the Brazilian Indigenous games, were quite good and in addition were colorful and interesting. Unfortunately they didn't go over very well with the Pixdaus users and none of them became successful.
2011-11-09 09:31:01
I just looked it up - 38 ethnic groups participated in the 11th Indigenous Games, competing in archery, spear throwing, canoeing and swimming. I think they were all Brazilian.
2011-11-09 09:22:23
Thank you K9 Poster for posting these pictures. It's always nice to see pictures of indigenous people from all over the world, their body paintings, clothing and customs. I guess the participants compete with different tribes within Brazil.
2011-11-09 09:04:50
Very sorry, I placed the wrong caption with this upload, the correct caption should have read: "A Tapirape Indian aims a spear, At the Indigenous Games on the island of Porto Real in the city of Porto Nacional, Brazil., photo by Eraldo Peres for AP". The tags are correct, however.