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2009-07-10 03:21:22
Photographer says: Mongols (Монгол) are an ethnic group that originated in what is now Mongolia, Russia, and China or more specifically on the Central Asian plateau north of the Gobi desert and south of Siberia. They currently number about 9 million and speak the Mongol language. There are approximately 2.7 million Mongols in Mongolia, five million Mongols living in Inner Mongolia, China and one million Mongols live in Russia. The major body of the Mongols is the Khalkas. Major Ethnic subgroups of Mongolic peoples are: the Khalkhas; the Buryats, and the Dorbots of Siberia; the Kalmyks (Oirats) of the Caucasus; and the Mongours (Tu), the Daurs, and the various other Mongolic peoples of Inner Mongolia of China. The Hazaras in Afghanistan and various Turkic peoples are ethnic groups originating from the Mongols.