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Old Comments:

2010-08-05 15:29:38
Hey, Jujuba..... :) Many thanks for bringing this to my attention. Maybe I saw that picture when I was on the photographer's page. That could very well explain why I thought I saw it before. Thanks again, Jujuba... :)
2010-08-05 15:24:42
Hey Mary...about your strange feeling of having reposted this picture, could it be that maybe you had this one in mind? You know - 'a Welsh autumn', 'a Welsh landscape' - and both by the same photographer... Or maybe what I´m saying doesn´t make any sense :P
2010-08-01 15:14:44
Agreed, Jujuba... :)
2010-08-01 15:14:10
That's ok then. Maybe I remember seeing this somewhere else, or a picture something like it, Thanks ladies for the feedback... :)
2010-08-01 14:23:30
me neither...
2010-08-01 14:03:54
I don't remember seeing it here.
2010-08-01 14:02:53
Wales is a fairytale-like country :-)
2010-07-31 12:02:37
Apologies if this photo has already been posted to Pixdaus. I did a search on Pixdaus and Tineye and received no results. It's just that I have a strange feeling that I have seen this photo before, not sure where, whether it was here or not. I could've even posted this before here, not sure. Anyway, again apologies if this was posted before. Thankyou... :)