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Old Comments:

2010-09-01 11:15:13
say not day
2010-09-01 11:14:40
Well somebody had to day it : )
2010-09-01 10:38:04
I laughed at your name almost as much as the joke ;-)
2010-09-01 10:37:23
British Columbia exports a lot of Premium B.C. Bud to Switzerland.
2010-09-01 10:02:03
Hans and Fritz were climbing in the Alps one day with their mother. Their mother slipped and fell off the mountain. Fritz turned to his brother and said, "Look, mom !"
2010-09-01 09:58:44
Oh no, it's not an alpenhorn like you think, it's a giant Swiss bong and this dude is taking a huge toke. The Swiss do that at weddings, you know.
2010-09-01 09:30:18
I knew it, I knew it, I knew it. I didn't know who it would be by. But I knew exactly what the comment would be. :)
2010-09-01 08:55:35