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Old Comments:

2008-08-05 01:53:46
there is no religion of any kind in a Utopia. case closed. everyone sit down and shut up. even better, get up and talk a walk outside assholes, i'm stuck here but you at least have the choice.
2008-08-04 19:22:05
more of a muslim utopia - but it is against the def. of UTOPIA.
2008-08-01 11:47:32
I have an aversion to this utopia...
2008-07-31 23:16:24
But it's a "version" of utopia, and you can bet there are a lotta folks whose utopia would include mosques.
2008-07-31 23:09:51
Looks more like oppression!
2008-07-31 23:05:43
those look like mosques. there is no religion in utopia, silly.