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Posted By:LM

Old Comments:

2008-02-24 16:36:07
No, the Moon doesn't look so big anywhere on Earth. Judging by the wide angle of the camera I would say that the perspective projection of the Moon would render it the size of the man in the picture.
2008-02-24 15:20:12
is this picture real ? i mean the moon can show so big ?
2008-02-24 12:33:15
Wow! Looks like worlds colliding. I see a person by that tree.
2008-02-24 12:27:52
does moon look like that big in any place on earth?
2008-02-24 07:52:22
That's why I've signed this picture 'a tree' :)
2008-02-24 07:39:09
the last thing i noticed on this picture was the tree...
2008-02-24 06:25:23
Arthur Tree?
2008-02-24 05:47:48