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Old Comments:

2011-12-15 14:43:46
You are always welcome, Nifty. Yes, I still take an interest in looking around through Pixdaus. It's kind of hard not to visit, even though we have some not so nice people mixed in with the nice ones here. Yes, it DID brighten up my day to see your beautiful rose. Thankyou again Nifty for taking the photo and for posting it to Pixdaus too. Hope you have a great night and a lovely Friday also. Please take care... :)
2011-12-15 13:29:46
Thanks a lot PictureGirl, it is so pleasing to get nice comments and pleasing that although you are not posting photos at the moment you still take an interest. If this photo has brightened your day a little it was well worthwhile posting it.
2011-12-15 13:22:14
And you take this thing of beauty so well, Nifty..... :)