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Old Comments:

2011-07-25 04:04:38
I thought it looked familiar. It's a very pretty area around there. Yes, you are right that I know this area. I've been there a couple of times but I don't think I've been to this particular spot though. Many thanks for letting us know where this beautiful place is, Nifty.... :)
2011-07-25 03:33:26
This photo was taken in Queens Park, Moonee Ponds, Melbourne. You would know of this area PictureGirl however I do not know where Kirogi is from so I hope this helps. Thanks to you both for the comments.
2011-07-25 01:14:05
Yes, I'd love to know that too... :)
2011-07-24 23:42:01
Would you mind telling us where this place is nifty? It´s so pretty!