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2012-02-12 11:09:42
Canola is a genetically modified form of rape seed that is grown in Canada, but illegal in Europe and opposed by activists throughout the world. Rape seed naturally contains high levels of erucic acid that causes it to go rancid quickly but which can also be toxic and cancer causing to humans. In 1974, Baldur Steffanson developed the current strain with very low levels of erucic acid. He dubbed this canola from CANadian Oil, Low Acid. The crop is currently grown primarily in Canada and the oil used in the United States and Canada where it is processed into the 'American' style margarine that replaces butter and the rest of the world truly hates. These Canadian crops might be bright yellow and look attractive, but call them what they are: rape seed, not canola. And, if you ever see canola oil as an ingredient for any of your food items, discard and do not eat.