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Old Comments:

2009-08-10 21:07:38
What do you mean by 'accounts'? You mean pixdaus accounts under different names? It does not matter how many accounts you have, you can only vote once per pic. The Pixdaus system remembers the voting coming from a particular IP address, and does not allow you to vote twice, at least not until they zero the voting memory, which does not happen too frequently these days. Previously, it was zeroed practically every other day, sometimes even twice in 24 hrs... which was why some posters managed to selfvote their files to boost their ratings to meganumbers. I know in theory how you can fool the system because it has been explained to me, but it is better not to elaborate on it here. ;-)
2009-08-08 14:39:34
You wrong!
2009-08-08 14:00:47
Poppy: how does a person "cheat"? I never pay any attention to all the politics and drama here, so I'm not sure how someone does that without creating many, many accounts.
2009-08-06 22:25:59
How? Easily: MegaCheaterDownvoter has a limitless supply of votes and is targeting poppy. Why me? Your guess is as good as mine. ;-)
2009-08-06 20:11:27
Some occur! The fox know much , but more he that catches him .
2009-08-06 19:31:15
???? -41 votes!! How?