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Description:Dear Anne, I have killed lots of animals in my life, some I hunted or other people hunted, some my husband and I raised to eat, and I can tell you that a pig is a very smart animal and loves his life as much as any wild animal, and it always made me feel kind of bad to slaughter a pig.Cows also have feelings and I think they are at least as smart as a squirel, which is really nothing more than a glorified bushy-tailed tree rat. I showed what you wrote to my son who is a college teacher and he said it sounded like what he called "an urban elitist sensibility' which he says is common among city people who are insulated from the reality of food production. It doesn't mean you're a bad person but you might want to be a little more open-minded about people's lives you don't understand, like country people and farmers and ranchers. And he said to explain to you that we shoot squirrels way back in the woods and not in city parks.