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Old Comments:

2009-06-25 16:02:26
Use moisturizer, Connie... plenty of moisturizer, and you will be, ahhhhhh... Never mind. It's too bloody hot to make a whit of difference.
2009-06-25 09:32:56
Oh drats - I'm going to hell, and I hate heat! It's not good for the complextion.
2009-06-25 09:13:48
??? Dear Connie, the caption reads "a sign from above" but the hand is obviously coming from below. So I would guess it is from the one you worship. and it's telling you that you are No.1
2009-06-24 19:28:57
Nope. It's God's hand pointing at A Bouts - one of his most esteemed followers. Apparently A Bouts has lately not adhered to the Bible as well as he should have.
2009-06-24 16:08:48
Is that Kim Jong Il's latest nuke test?