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Posted By:heze

Old Comments:

2009-10-10 13:36:35
You want me to get in there!?????
2009-10-10 13:33:40
Um, excuse me, I thought you said this was a heated pool.
2009-06-09 03:21:16
It is a young otter, pointing at the ice bin where he had stashed his beer, saying "WTF?"
2009-05-11 22:28:13
I bet your hippopotamus has horns.......You really nesd to see more of the world.......It is in fact a young otter..........
2008-11-28 00:37:03
"Racoon"? You gotta get out of the city!
2008-01-30 06:41:27
ERR it doesn't look cold so it must be otter
2008-01-23 14:25:54
2008-01-23 13:47:53
Comment "OK I know I'm Canadian but Ice water is a bit much!"
2008-01-22 01:41:32
It's a least weasel.
2008-01-21 23:13:49
I think it's a beaver...haha j/k (definitely an otter)
2008-01-21 20:01:40
just google it, and you will see what a "racoon" looks like
2008-01-21 15:15:18
Weasels look funny when they are wet.
2008-01-21 11:09:35
NOT a raccoon. Raccoons have masks, rings on thier tails, and are never seen with WEBBED feet. This, as the kind people before me have so clearly stated, is an otter.
2008-01-21 10:19:40
I otter be somewhere else.
2008-01-21 07:28:18
AKA a "water ferret" (not officially, though)
2008-01-21 07:22:07
Fresh water raccoon.
2008-01-21 06:36:50
An otter.