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Old Comments:

2010-05-23 12:58:54
Thankyou Skip.... :-D
2010-05-23 12:57:32
You're funny too Mary! gobble gobble :)
2010-05-23 12:35:10
I remember years and years ago one of my cats was licking a small cream bun that I had left on my table. I wasn't impressed about that. My cats now though are not that way inclined. I really have good cats now. I'm so glad that the dog is ok now. And my goodness, your grandma's dog was naughty, wasn't he ? Talk about gobble, gobble.... :)
2010-05-23 12:03:59
Yes the dog recovered, and I guess the lesson is if you bake a chocolate cake, never leave it unguarded,...and don't ever use a dog to guard it! :) now that I think about it the same might apply to turkeys, I remember my gramma telling me about her dog eating the entire turkey she had prepared for thanksgiving one year, I'm sure it was a big problem at the time, but she always laughed when she told me that story.
2010-05-23 11:52:28
Love your humour there, Skip... :) That is really awful about the dog. I hope that the dog is ok now. What an anxious time for the owner, but also a lesson taught to him/her too.
2010-05-23 11:49:36
No I wasen't joking about the dog Mary, I had seen the story in a magazine, and then later saw the show on animal planet where they interviewed the doctors and the pet owner they actually showed the xrays of the dogs stomach...., I found the whole thing a little hard to swallow... (little attempt at humor:) but it was real!
2010-05-23 10:53:03
A dog will eat just about anything. My Uncle Buddy had an ol' dog that got into his store room one night and ate about half a barrel of gunpowder. Made him pretty woozy for a while, but once he got it past his gizzard he was about the baddest butt-whoopin'est dog in Cherokee County for a good while.
2010-05-23 10:47:29
Oops, that should be some info about feeding dogs chocolate. I've just woken up and still a little sleepy... :)
2010-05-23 10:46:31
Wise move, Little Lulu. Here is some info about feeling dogs chocolate. Other foods are a no no too, like onion and garlic. I know here they make special doggie chocolates and these are safe for dogs to eat... :)
2010-05-23 10:43:56
Sorry if the answers to your comments are going in different areas here, everyone. You didn't upset me, Feline Poster. It's all water under the bridge now anyway. All is well.... :)
2010-05-23 10:41:51
Are you just joking about the dog and the cake Skip, or are you as we say here in Australia, fair dinkum (serious) about that ? That would be awful for the dog if this was true....
2010-05-23 08:15:31
Sorry to upset you PictureGirl, but I intended no harm; I guess I am simply looking at matters entirely different than most of the Pixdaus users.
2010-05-23 08:12:10
You are right Skip, I simply uploaded this picture (and several others) in fun. I think that there are far too many Pixdaus users that take this whole thing far too seriously and it gets entirely out of context. If we can't simply enjoy it and not get involved in spite downvoting, offensive commenting, etcetera--then let's just forget the whole thing and get along with our lives.
2010-05-23 02:25:10
..anyway, I love my dog a lot but not enough to share choclate with him : )
2010-05-23 01:23:22
You are right about the chocolates Mary, and I heard it was bad for cats too, but I think that Feline Poster was just trying to be funny with these pics, I can understand why you took it serious though, because I know you love your pets a lot. but there are other people around here who seem to have no sense of humor. I saw a story on animal planet once where someone had baked a chocolate cake and left it out with a large knife next to it, and the dog ate the entire cake including the knife, it was a small dog and at the hospital they took xrays that showed that the knife was taking up the length of his body...they managed to get it out but the doctors said they were actually more worried about the dog eating that amount of chocolate, than having that knife inside him. I think depending on the size of the dog they can get away with some chocolate, but since it's so dangerous you wouldn't want to chance it.
2010-05-22 20:21:54
Just a question to you, Feline Poster. If you knew that this is not a picture of your pet, why did you let me think that it is ? I don't understand.... :-(
2010-05-22 18:07:51
You are right of course, Gabrielle, it is a Capybara and not a Nutria at all. My mistake in the caption. And no, not my pet at all, this is just a photo that I found.
2010-05-22 17:53:31
Do you really have a pet Capibara? What is her normal diet - I'm guessing the ice-block is a treat!
2010-05-22 17:04:10
If I said that, I apologize to you, Feline Poster. I didn't mean to say that giving ice cream to cats was wrong. It is up to you how you feed your cats. There is nothing wrong with giving cats ice cream. It's just the chocolate coating would be wrong to give to them, as chocolate I know, is not good to give to dogs. I'm not sure about whether that is true for cats though. The only thing outside of my cats' diet that I give to them is yoghurt (and that is only to one of my cats and only at odd times, never on a regular basis). She licks the foil lid of the yogurt container and then I throw the lid away. As with Nutria, it is up to you how you feed him/her also. Again, apologies to you if I said the wrong thing... :)