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Old Comments:

2008-10-12 04:30:56
Actually, there you are right. In many cases it happens so. With all these trouble-makers I will never reach the zero !
2008-10-12 03:24:37
I gave you a vote but someone else can minus at the same time, and my other theory if you want to hear it haha... is that when people see a minus on a picture they often follow suit, like sheep or somthing.
2008-10-12 03:17:03
Whaa … Why not giving me then 1 point ??? The rate is still -7 !!! No, joke of course. Although I am not the author of the pic (the photographer is twentyeight), it’s still fine to know that there are also a certain number of persons here who appreciate this kind of photos. Thanks.
2008-10-12 02:08:33
I think it's a great picture also Cohise. I think the votes are pretty meaningless around here. you could have a picture of a piece of cardboard and if it is posted by one of the top names around here...It will probably get alot of votes.
2008-10-12 01:42:29
I completely agree with you. Sometimes I put some pictures on the site with the purpose to test them (and so it happens sometimes that I put some pics on the site that I myself doesn’t like, but one can learn something with that) or provoke some reactions (comments, the game, …) or simply for the fun (what is also very important), and so on …! And vice versa, that I don’t put certain good pics on the site for one or other reason. But this photo is one out of the package I really like very much; it’s a small masterpiece. Nevertheless I am not surprised about the low and down reactions. It’s not that I am unsensible, certainly not (a fine rate, why not), but, fortunately, getting points is not at all the butt why I am on Pixdaus (to say nothing of the rate-system that we can manipulate etc. – but that’s another story). On the other hand, a reaction as yours for example is much more interesting and above it, it does me a pleasure. Thanks.
2008-10-11 07:31:00
this is one of those aristic moments that can only be percieved by man. this is a spiritual assertion to simply "see" this image by the phtotgrapher. This likely could not be repeated in a million years. Lucky shot. One of a kind. Why not give it a positive vote?