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Old Comments:

2011-09-18 20:35:28
I agree with you connie, this site has bugs
2011-09-18 02:51:51
Since Pixdaus has barred me from posting under Connie,I have, in the last couple of days, posted a few photos using my real name 'Aline'...but with a dot, because someone went and registered Aline. Anyways, I'm now out of photos ;-) Also, my security told me to avoid Pixdaus, because it has a lot of bugs. So, be careful and take care.
2011-09-18 01:05:48
Many thanks for your kind words, Connie. I appreciate them.... :)
2011-09-17 20:36:08
PictureGirl: you are the nicest person than any of us put together, AND you post nice photos. The heck with the rest ;-)
2011-09-17 06:34:53
I do not wish to gain up or downvotes by cheating. This photo went up 20 votes in less than a minute. I call that cheating, don't you ?
2011-09-17 05:48:42
People complain when they lose votes. Then they complaim when the votes are restored. Why bother.
2011-09-17 05:46:08
The voting system is a complete sham anyway. Hard to believe anyone would take it seriously or get upset about it one way or another.
2011-09-17 05:42:31
Just because someone is able to do things you can't do doesn't necessarily mean they are cheating :)
2011-09-17 05:37:22
Someone is cheating here and it isn't me. I'd rather the low votes than the cheating. Whoever is doing this, would you kindly put the votes back to where they were. I do NOT endorse cheating. Many thanks.....
2011-09-17 05:09:13
I beg your pardon ?!!! Where are your manners ?? It was just a simple question and did not warrant your rude answer !!!
2011-09-17 04:48:28
stop whining!
2011-09-17 01:19:13
Are my eyes deceiving me ? The last time I saw the votes for this picture, it was in the 30's. Now it is only 1 vote. What happened here ? I don't understand.... :(