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Old Comments:

2011-06-02 09:38:28
Connie, I said that I was sorry that I reposted that frog mouse image. That is as far as I intend to take this thing, so get over it. I have, by accident, reposted other of your images as well as those of others, but never on purpose. I admit that I make a minimal effort to prevent duplication of other photos, however, making a maximum effort would be very time consuming and is something that I don't intend to do. If you want to repost my photos, or if anybody else does, then have at it. It is somewhat of a compliment when my photos are reposted and is in no way a detriment. Although I will admit that it is a bit annoying when somebody reposts one of my uploads and ends up with a much higher vote total than my original received. TinEye uses a web crawler to find photos on the web to add to it's data base and has been very slow in adding photos from Pixdaus. In the past it has taken three or four months for a photo posted to Pixdaus to show up on TinEye. This may still be true, but I suspect that Environmental Graffiti has protected the website from web crawlers by using robots.txt. In any case the Pixdaus search is better (as well as being more applicable) for this purpose, however as you know, this search function is useless if the uploader did not properly use tags. I, just a few minutes ago, uploaded the text from the TinEye faqs page that explains how their web crawler works. Look at this and read it, however, I expect that it will be voted down to -13 and be gone rather quickly. I was out of town for almost all of May and will continue to be so until mid-June. During this time I have been unable to upload photos and to pursue comments to any extent. So you will have to wait until then for any specific information, such as you have requested, until then. From time to time I borrow a computer (for e-mail) and when I do sometimes do a quick look at Pixdaus, but do not have the time or opportunity to do much more.
2011-06-01 19:05:44
Happy Jack - I highly doubt that 'bad jack' is Patito. He would not make such a comment, because he himself has been guilty of very vulgar language. But, he really toned it down before my absence. I think there is someone on this site who is trying to stir it 'bad jack', 'duplicate' or....
2011-06-01 18:54:25
You wrote "this is the 2nd of my images that Connie has reposted since her return earlier this month". That shows annoyance/upset/making a fuss; you don't have to use the exact words. But, what annoys me is that you have chosen not to say which other photo I reposted. It was especially annoying of you to mention my upload was a repost since your upload was itself a duplicate. The point Happy Jack, is that neither you nor I could have found White Eagle's upload in a search. None of us three had the photographer's name and his caption. I have posted photos from blogs, having no idea of the photographer's name or the caption. A few times, those uploads got reposted by others. I never said anything because if it cannot be found in a simple search, it would be unfair to mention it. Before my absence, some kept mentioning TinEye and I still did not use it for a search. Now, I do, and it has prevented me from reposting quite a few times. I have added Google Images in my search, and that takes care of what TinEye has not yet picked up. When I came back I decided to not mention anyone's duplications if its not my upload. I mentioned the 'frog mouse', because it was my upload, and a search under those two words would have shown it - the only one on the page.
2011-06-01 08:23:36
Thank you for this comment patito/bad jack, so much for your contention that you are no longer commenting here.
2011-06-01 08:21:53
Connie, I never once said that I was upset over your repost of my upload, I only mentioned it as a fact after all of the other comments regarding your repost applying to White Eagle's.
2011-06-01 08:18:53
I have absolutely no connection with White Eagle, but I do suspect that White Eagle has an alternative name that either is or has been used in the past. Yes, I realize that I have have been responsible for several reposts, but I have never reposted on purpose. In most cases I check with Pixdaus before posting, in a search for previous duplication, but I don't check with Tineye ever. I don't consider reposting as a serious crime in anyway, but I do regard it as something best avoided. It doesn't bother me at all that you reposted this image, after all I reposted it from White Eagle myself. In fact I only mentioned this after many comments on your repost. My repost of the White Eagle post was not brought to my attention, but was rather something that I discovered myself.
2011-06-01 00:21:35
I never saw that comment, so it could have been while I was away.
2011-05-31 21:08:35
Its Happy Jack who used very dirty language under a pic and comments not long ago that had nothing to do with him? He got caught because he forgot to change his name haha
2011-05-31 19:40:01
Sorry, I misunderstood Happy Jack's comment. But, I've wondered for a while if you and Happy Jack might not be the same person. So Happy Jack, you admit that you reposted White Eagle's upload, but get upset because I reposted your duplicate! How weird is that! And, you still have not said which other of your uploads I'm supposed to have posted.
2011-05-31 11:20:01
Sorry to disappoint you Connie, but I am not 'Duplicate', 'Happy Jack' or 'Poppy'! I don't care if you or anyone else posted a picture again! But it would be nice if you can keep me out of your vendettas! Thank you very much!
2011-05-31 04:59:00
Dearest duplicate (aka Happy Jack & White Eagle and ?) I did a search again at TinEye - nothing I did a search again at Pixdaus - nothing At Pixdaus, I searched under 'boy leaf', 'boy rain', 'raining' - nothing If I did a search under 'rain, at 100 photos per page, I would still have to look at 42 pages! So, the only way you knew how to find White Eagle's copy is that YOU ARE WHITE EAGLE. Case closed ;-)
2011-05-31 04:56:26
I knew that White Eagle and you were the same. So you, as White Eagle, also posted a duplicate! They are not your images; we all take those images, that belong to the photographers, from one site and put it on this site. Mind telling me which is the 2nd photo of 'yours' I posted? You have posted many duplicates over time Happy Jack. I make every effort to avoid doing so by checking, Pixdaus and Google Images.
2011-05-31 04:48:41
This was my post of this photo to Pixdaus a short time ago. I also made a mistake and reposted the "white eagle" image. Connie posted for a third time to Pixdaus. This is the 2nd of my images that Connie has reposted since her return earlier this month.