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Old Comments:

2009-09-05 03:08:18
Peasant, you did not upset me; my skin is like a pachyderm’s. ;-)
2009-09-04 23:36:21
This is an old , familiar tune ..this site is open to the public...anyone with an internet connection can walk in here and not just look at the photos but also vote and make comments .and as we all know, almost anywhere you go in the world you'll find some people whose souls have soured and who've become embittered and filled with spite and hatred....the particular troll who left its slime trail here yesterday has been around awhile...I used to think he/she/it was a delinquent adolescent, but I now believe it's a former poster who originally used the name 'Cohise'....he/she/it was ( and is ) clearly a pretty serious mental case and almost certainly a deeply sad, bitter and patheticlly lonely individual....this troll's comments used to irritate me...but now I mainly just feel pity for the poor creature...
2009-09-04 20:39:50
I said that I was not optimistic... I'm sorry if I upset you. And I do know how do you fell because I have similar experience.
2009-09-04 20:25:57
YOU are sick of it and you're not even the target! How do you think I feel? "Please let the other side speak for himself." you say. He IS speaking for himself, all the time, everywhere, but he has nothing else to say. I cannot count the times I have asked why he is doing it, but to no avail. What he is doing is not about reason but all to do with a desire to be a nuisance. This madness will soon be stopped with new technology and safeguards that Pixdaus is working on.
2009-09-04 20:10:20
Hy poppy. This war will never end until someone find a reason of his beginning and start to resolve it peacefully. As I know, with insulting him/her this war didn't stop, only become bigger. Can't blame for attempting to resolving this obvious problem. Please let the other side speak for himself. What can we lose? And there is a small chance to stop this madness. I'm not a optimistic about it but I will tray because I have nothing to lose and lot to win if I never see such comment again. Don't tell me that you would miss this little war. I'm sick of it!
2009-09-04 19:35:19
Ah, Peasant, you want to know my 'mistake' so that you can protect yourself? ;-) Just joking... The trolls have nothing to do with 'mistakes' but everything to do with hatred, jealousy and envy, with a bit of misogyny thrown in, at least in poppy's case. I have not ever done anything that a sane person would consider an unwarranted attack on a person. All that I have tried to work towards here on Pixdaus is to get better and fairer conditions for those of us who prefer a peaceful and harmonious environment in our community. If that does not suit some people, so be it. - If you want to protect yourself, don't ever climb on the barricade about any wrong that you might observe here, that is the only way. ;-)
2009-09-04 18:44:39
Why do you insult poppy? What did she done to you so badly that make you act in this way? I'm just curious because I don't want to make a mistake she did ( regardless of whether it was done intentionally or not ). Please answer so we can all learn something.
2009-09-04 12:15:07
poor poopy little church, little breasts waiting for something big by big, enormously breasted cunnie
2009-09-04 06:18:14
Thanks Dornröschen, great picture.