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Old Comments:

2010-05-15 23:02:58
You are very welcome, hjalmer... :)
2010-05-15 15:07:24
Thanks PictureGirl! I'll give it a try.
2010-05-15 09:13:41
I think this might help. Hope so..... The page loads in German, but Google will help you translate the page... :)
2010-05-15 08:00:09
Can anyone help Hjalmer?
2010-05-06 07:24:37
Thanks Connie and newsman! So nice to know someone is "listening." I'm running into a publication deadline and would appreciate any help in locating the originator of this photo. Or if you know of another useable similar photo, that may work, too. I'm trying to depict spiritual battles with storm clouds; sun and rainbow for renewal, hope, and future.
2010-05-05 14:50:20
Using 'colors' means you are American...yes?
2010-05-05 14:46:51
Thanks for the info newsman. I was quite sure that the photo was enhanced. The image seemed too perfect. Most photos you see on the Web are enhanced. That's the world of digital photography. But, I must say, having grown up on the Canadian prairies, I have seen some strongly coloured rainbows - especially if the sky behind is dark. Once, on Oahu, Hawaii, I saw the most incredible thing - 2 l/2 rainbows!! That's the only time I have ever seen 2 1/2 (I have seen 2 full arcs before). The colours were very vibrant. Most people got out of their cars to watch it; we were all mesmerized; everybody said they had never seen anything like that. It was like a spiritual moment that I will never forget. Another beautiful memory, but not quite as incredible, was when my friends and I were walking through a trail on Denman Island (one of our islands off the Mainland). As we came out on the clearing, we saw a beautifully vibrant coloured rainbow perfectly centred behind a lovely lighthouse, with dark clouds as backdrop. Sadly, none of us had a camera. Sometimes, I see photos on Pixdaus and other sites that instantly bring back beautiful memories - very poignant - full of meaning and emotions - a sense of déja-vu. When I first saw this photo, it brought memories of my childhood on the Canadian Prairies and memories of the rainbows on Denman and Oahu Islands. So, hjalmer, I'm sorry I can't help you in finding out who the photographer is - even if you're Lutheran and I'm Catholic albeit non-practising ;-) Perhaps someone on Pixdaus can help. Someone told us on Pixdaus, a long time ago, that you can send the photo to a certain place and they will tell you where it was taken. Did any of you keep that information?
2010-05-05 13:37:01
Oh yes, I do live and work out of London, but my use of "color", rather than "colour" does show my non-UK or Canadian origin.
2010-05-05 13:35:02
Connie, I know that you found this photo with no indication of it's origin or the photographer. However, this is an example of a photo that has been digitally enhanced. Rainbows are notoriously difficult to photograph and even in the best un-enhanced photos they appear a lot duller than the original image. Thus, anytime a professional photographer shoots a rainbow, they resort to digital enhancement. There are a lot of ways to do this but perhaps the most common is to "dodge" the image to increase the rainbows colors. To do this it is only necessary to use a "dodge" tool and, using a small brush, brush repeatedly over just the rainbow in the image to bring out the color. Another technique is to "select" the rainbow in the image and to increase the color saturation. This technique requires a lot more skill in it's use, however.
2010-05-05 12:35:51
I'm not the photographer. Unfortunately, I found the photo on a website that did not indicate the name of the photographer nor his/her website. I'm sorry I can't help you.
2010-05-05 12:19:41
Please email me about thisd photo.
2010-05-05 12:13:03
Wondering about copyrights in using this photo for a church publication.