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Old Comments:

2009-10-10 06:01:51
mystical horse???
2009-10-04 19:23:28
See, what did I tell you? You cannot keep a good pic down...
2009-10-03 07:00:57
Thanks, poppy, I'll wait for the upvoters then ;)
2009-10-03 06:19:01
I doubt it, Jujuba. It's getting to be the weekend, and they are notoriously known to compel the lonely creatures (who have nothing else to do) to come and make a nuisance of themselves on Pixdaus by voting pics down. Fact of life here, unfortunately. Don't worry, your lovely pic will recover once the 'regulars' from stateside start coming in and voting.
2009-10-03 05:51:13
Did I offend anyone with this picture?