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Old Comments:

2008-07-08 07:54:12
Pacifica, well said. It was a little girl who was running crying. They were running away because Americans were spraying the chemical Agent Orange on the village. This little girl emigrated to Canada and lives in Ontario.
2008-05-19 23:40:30
Yep, me too.
2008-04-17 08:20:04
I did say "kid" not "boy" because I wasn't sure. Either way, I'm glad you clarified and gave Phan Thi Kim Phuc her proper recognition. And, case in point, this is truly something we should be reminded of from time to time. Thank you Spocker.
2008-04-16 13:17:01
I concur completely with Pacifica and also Kali Ma. But what I would 'respectfully' point out to you Emjay, and indeed others, is this: Do you always believe what your corrupt government and the prostituted lying media hacks tell you about major tragic events? 'The' greatest blessing of the world wide web is that it has spawned thousands of intrepid investigators around the world, who dedicate their time, burning the midnight candle, to dig deeper than the majority of journalist hacks will ever go, and certainly deeper than most police investigators, and forensically complete a new jigsaw of the facts relating to certain terrible atrocities. When they complete their findings they put it out on the Internet, so that you and I and everybody else who really wants to know the truth can find it. Thus we have a truer picture of reality than our corrupt governments would like us to believe. What you do with this new knowledge is based upon your own sense of integrity!
2008-04-16 12:44:46
Emjay, I could call you out for misspelling Baylee's name... but see how silly that is? Calm down. I think Pacifica is right.
2008-04-16 11:34:08
I have taken ALL of the pictures I have posted to pixdaus, thank you...
2008-04-16 11:14:48
I think people post photos here for lots of reasons. Yes, some photographers post their own photos, but some photos are just put up. This one, in particular, like the little kid in Viet Nam who was running down the dirt road screaming naked as his village was bombed, is indelibly imprinted in many of our minds. Maybe it isn't such a bad thing to be reminded of these things from time to time. Perhaps it will keep us all a little more human. As for spelling, I'm sure I've misspelled a couple of words here. It's the meaning to be conveyed that is important. I can feel the grief that is alive within Emjay and it is very real and should not be discounted either. A beautiful child was killed by someone who was very selfish and mistaken about a lot of things.
2008-04-16 10:16:02
In fairness to ummagumma, NO ONE on here has taken any of the pictures they post. Pixdaus is like a copyright infringement carnival. Mispelling "Oklahoma" was a pretty dumbass move, though.
2008-04-16 03:23:21
Why are you posting this photo? You didn't take it. You misspelled Oklahoma. It's a picture taken by Charles Porter of little Bailey Almond. Bailey was 1 year old when she was murdered by Timothy McVeigh when he bombed the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City.