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Old Comments:

2009-12-12 17:35:36
It is a lovely, loving picture, the child's expression is a delight.
2009-12-12 15:49:30
I think it is a beautiful picture...I wish I still had grandparents to love...this child is truly blessed.
2009-11-28 11:05:30 isn't sub-standard..but it isn't slick,and it isn't fine art, and to someone oriented toward the kind of photos that are increasingly characteristic of pixdaus, it would seem sub-standard...I think this kind of photo deserves to survive here, simply because there should be room for photos that show human love and warmth even if they aren't professional quality or technically perfect ....Pixdaus is hovering on the brink of becoming boring....there is more and more a numbing sameness to many of the photos, and this kind of shot is good antidote for that...
2009-11-28 08:27:09
You think this photo is substandard? Perhaps you're's not the usual babbling brook or pretty flowers I usually post. This is a simple photo that shows the love between a child and his great's universal. That's why it go some votes, instead of my uploads usually getting downvoted.
2009-11-27 21:41:34
patito, you are a bastard! Is that your definition of a justified war against trolls?? Giving substandard pics so many votes YOU like? I think it is just egoistic behaviour to glorify yourself and your soulmates! A slap in the face for ALL other uploaders and users on pixdaus! When you can't live with it that bad pics were rightly downvoted than please leave this site! Nobody will shed one tear for you or your boring pics!
2009-11-27 10:18:22
In case some think I copied Patito's idea of posting a grandfather photo: I pre-chose for two - four days the photos I will post, write the information, and them them in a separate folder. I sometime will hold off if someone posts a photos that is almost identical to what I was going to post. This one is different.
2009-11-27 08:45:12
Kathleen Villar’s 18-month old son, Joseph is actually named after his 87-year old Great-Grandpa ‘Opa, so they share a name as well as a wonderful loving bond. They live very close to one another and see each other almost every day. Kathleen says of Joseph, “He squeals with joy walking in the door and cries when it is time to leave.” She adds: “I have always wanted to have children that they could enjoy and I realize how lucky I am. The spring before Joseph was born in 2007 my grandfather, who struggles with dementia, had a stroke that has taken away his ability to speak clearly. Since then, life has been very different, but Joseph became the family’s little ray of sunshine. Watching Joseph and Opa play and seeing how their faces beam when they see each other shows us how this relationship brings complete joy to both of them and the entire family.”