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Old Comments:

2010-09-06 20:32:36
You all have to look about this trauma from a different point of view.. For example fear of mouses, lot of people have that fear and in general goats are more dangerous then mouses... I don't think that goats are vicious , they are just a product of evolution like all animals. Main natural enemy of goats are wild cats. Bobcat, snow leopard, puma.. etc. Main pattern of attack of those cats is to grab a goat and bite to a throat. So when a smiling child want to grab a goat to a neck and give her a kiss that trigger all goats defend instinct and of course kick or stab a "attacker". In animal world showing the teeth means aggression, only humans in that way shows affection. Every peasant know that... And to conclude the biggest problem is a personal problem, we may lough at this goat trauma matter but those people have a big problem and if we can't help them we shouldn't lough at them.