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Old Comments:

2010-04-19 14:51:19
Yes thatīs what I meant - maybe I should have been clearer....itīs late here and my brain is sleeping already :-| Enjoy your ginger ale :-)
2010-04-19 14:06:28
I was confused because you wrote " city of....south of Brazil". Now that I think about it, and using my brain more ;-) I guess you meant city the southern part of Brazil. Yes? Now, I'm going to go get drunk on a glass of ginger ale.
2010-04-19 13:07:45
Itīs in my country Connie....I put it in the title :-) And yeah, many of Latin American countries have their German colonies.
2010-04-19 11:37:35
In which country is that jujuba? I know that a lot of Germans went to South America after WWll - a lot to Argentina.
2010-04-19 11:34:41
Sorry, thatīs not in Blumenau, itīs in a town called Pomerode.