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Posted By:poppy

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2009-05-28 11:44:27
I agree with Edwin that it's good for the board to have debate. You usually have something interesting to say. It's just that you keep repeating yourself about Valentine, rarities box, etc. Edwin, thanks for the kind feedback about my posts. I disagree about ATMP -- it still is a great album for me to listen to. I love all of it even now, especially after the 2001 reissue (which is much better than the original Cd). My thing about a single disc ATMP sessions disc would not include the already released tunes. They could put different takes of some of the songs (a very electric My Sweet Lord without the chorus, etc., different versions of Art of Dying, etc.) Songs they could put on include I Live For You, Nowhere to Go, Cosmic Empire, Mother Divine, Going Down to Golders Green, Dehra Dun, Window Window, etc. Maybe demos of It Don't Come Easy, Sour MIlk See, I Don't Want to Do It, etc. They could easily put out a 15-track CD that doesn't diminish anybody's desire to buy the released ATMP. It would also put a high-profile set in the shops, the music press would actually write about it (at least I am pretty sure it would). Meanwhile, we have gotten quite a bit since Brainwashed... The deluxe reissue of Material World is pure heaven and includes the wonderful B-sides Deep Blue and Miss O'Dell. You can't go wrong with the reissue of Concert for Bangla Desh (DVD and CD) or Concert for George. Don't forget the massive Dark Horse Years box set (although it could have been a place to include rarities that still are MIA) and the Wilburys collection in 2007. I think the CD retrospective was one of the releases Dhani and/or Olivia had been quoted about a few years ago and so was a CD/DVD of the Dark Horse Tour. Extra Texture and the studio Dark Horse album also are in the pipeline, according to previous reports which could be part of that Apple Years Box that Dhani mentioned last month. The anthology box set has also been mentioned but I think that has to wait until after the McCartney box comes out (pecking order, unfortunately). If I had the keys to Capitol-EMI, public opinion and sales potential be damned. I would put these out in the following time schedule: June 16, Let It Roll Late June or July, ITunes version of Let It Roll with several bonus tracks. Sept 9, Beatles remasters. October, 2-disc Let It Roll. Thanksgiving, ATMP sessions (1 disc). February 2010, Apple Years Box and individual releases of Dark Horse CD/DVD and Extra Texture Summer-Fall 2010, Scorsese soundtrack (2 disc); reissue of Best of Dark Horse. November 2011, Rarities box set (10th anniversary of George's death, media tie-in) November 2012, Brainwashed reissue with bonus tracks and new cover.