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Old Comments:

2011-06-13 10:25:17
For certain? You would not recognize a certainty even if it bit you in your derriere!
2011-06-13 09:17:36
Well, I do know two things for certain: (1) Patito is currently uploading photos as 'connie II' and then commenting on them as 'bored of silly games'. (2) Patito is a complete ass!
2011-06-13 08:15:44
Dear Connie VIII, why do you keep pretending that you know Patito is responsible for uploading this sweet duck? You make the same asinine assumptions all over the place and bore the rest of us to tears. As usual, you know nothing and presume everything. Get out of the sandbox and go home to your Mum.
2011-06-13 08:05:14
Dear patito, why do you keep pretending that you have lost all interest in Pixdaus and are no longer here, but you keep making stupid comments under your troll names and have now started uploading photos again as connie ll?