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Old Comments:

2009-06-11 12:38:16
Looks like a type of succulent like an Aeonium or an Echeveria.
2009-06-11 11:21:58
Thanks Skip!
2009-06-11 00:21:09
they're not flowers. Except for the small purple ones. They are succulents at the base of a plumeria which makes lai flowers.
2009-06-10 22:27:05
I think you probably took the photo that way to show the detail of the petals,,, good thinking, because I dont think you could have seen it as well in a regular shot.
2009-06-10 19:44:38
Thanks Poppy! I can't remember why I shot the pic upside down, I must have had some reason when I took the picture. I debated about how to post it and decided I might as well post it the way I took it. ;-)
2009-06-10 19:42:57
Thanks Skip! I'm not sure what kind of flowers they are, I took the pic in a park with a lot of different kinds of flowers. This one turned out about the best of what I got. ;-)
2009-06-10 16:39:09
Kewlistic Kevin does it again... great composition, brilliant colours. I like the way you chose to present it. I flipped it 180, and it looks totally different... your way is better. ;-)
2009-06-10 13:39:38
Kewlistic colors and shapes on these plants kevin, you must have a green thumb too,,,What kind of plant is this?